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 Xblrl F1 2013 Steward Panel Staff Vacancy

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Xblrl F1 2013 Steward Panel Staff Vacancy Empty
PostSubject: Xblrl F1 2013 Steward Panel Staff Vacancy   Xblrl F1 2013 Steward Panel Staff Vacancy EmptyMon Mar 02, 2015 10:03 pm

Due to the nature of the game and the re occurance of regular incidents on the track Xblrl has decided to offer another postion to Xblrl League members to take on the role of being a F1 steward as this role may speak for itself in responsibility i will outline the criteria of the role below.

Therfore 1 Position of this role will be offered as decisions made have to be none bias and the more stewards available there is a smaller chance they will be inlvoled in these racing incidents/complaints issued.

1 x Steward

To make decisions on racing complaints made against any driver by accordance of Xblrl F1 Rules
& Also To make recommendations to improve the League Settings at End of Season Staff Meetings

The stewards may impose any one of the penalties below on any driver involved in an Incident:

A time penalty. added at the end of the race.
A drop of any number of grid positions at the driver's next Event.
Points deduction on un-classifed results
Issuing Warnings To drivers
Exclusion from the results.
Recommendations to be removed from league entirely.(Needs approval from Admin)

1st warning will be issued for any reckless/aggressive driving behaviour officially made against any driver
2nd warning will result in a severe penalty if reasons above continue.
3rd Warning automatic penalty with rights removed in providing any defence in complaints already taken into account.

The driver in question has the right to defend himself by providing evidence to corroborate his actions or accusations against him
a deadline will be set by the admin.

This evidence will also be taken into account before the penalty or ban is issued if any and will take effect usually before the next race meeting.
3rd warning will not include last statement.

Admin has the right to change the penalty/ban if he thinks its not justified.

Please Note Current Forza League Stewards Are Excluded Applying for this role thankyou.

If you feel your right for the postion i have outlined above please pm me directly and the reason you think you are suitable for the role many thanks
and good luck.

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Xblrl F1 2013 Steward Panel Staff Vacancy
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